TO DO LIST: 10 Days from Moving 1000 Miles

Chicken pancakes, anyone?

Written February 27, 2012

We are about ten days from our big move from Montana to Minnesota. About 90% of our household items and my husband’s shop tools are already at our new place south of Utica, MN. But as my father-in-law loves to say, we are 90% done, and have 90% to go.

Trying to get my head wrapped around all of this, I made myself a to-do list. And conveniently, my list of things to get done is now available for your enjoyment as you sip coffee and peruse the paper this week.

Remember to pack my tree swing, Mom. I can’t live without it!

  1. Laundry. Even though I have far more important moving projects to take care of this week, my family inconsiderately continues to wear clothes and get them dirty. Hauling dirty laundry to our new house just seems like bad karma, but it might happen depending on how the week progresses.
  2. Repairs. Put four kids and a dog in a house, even for just ten months, and lo and behold, we have a few repairs to do before leaving this rental house. The melted iron imprint in the carpet from our two-year-old needs to be repaired. We also have several random paint touch-ups: chair dings from overly busy kids at suppertime, and paint scrapes from wild rumpus.
  3. Cleaning. We encourage our kids to eat healthy foods and take part in many hands-on learning activities. That means when it comes to cleaning, I have to scrub some yogurt off the dining room wall and get banana bits out of the carpet. On the stairway, I need to scrub some abstract crayon and ballpoint pen art off the walls.
  4. Pack Kitchen. About 90% of our meals are made and eaten at home. That means I need most of my dishes and pans up until the end. Even though I packed much of my kitchen and shipped it off to MN already, the untrained eye would say the kitchen is still full, probably because it is.
  5. Eat Everything. Ideally, we’ll eat up all of our food and not need to pack up or give away anything on the day we move. Less ideally, we will be eating copious amounts of chicken. Somehow I bought a new giant-size bag of skinless, boneless chicken breasts when we already had one in the freezer. Then I did it a second time. Three bags. Chicken pancakes, anyone?
  6. Goodbye to school. Our kindergartener and our preschooler will both be spending their last days at school this week in Broadview, MT. In this small school, that means we are removing 2% of the school population in a few days. Heavy hearts are on both sides of the goodbyes.
  7. Clean Van. Never start a 17-hour road trip with any kid crumbs or clutter. We all usually hate life and/or are a bit loopy by the time we reach our destination on these MT-MN road trips. Any undue mess at the starting gates just adds to the stress.
  8. Pack the Back Room. Somehow, in the first load of stuff that is already in MN, we accidentally packed up our 6-year-old’s snowpants that she wears to school every day. Thank goodness, though, in our back room here I still have two hammocks that I’ve been moving from house to house for eight years. Too bad I can’t wrap our kiddo in hammocks and send her to school that way.
  9. Bathroom Sorting. When we sold our house last year and moved into this rental, I packed up a big old box of miscellaneous toiletries and put them under the bathroom sink here in our rental house. Like a time capsule, I will open the box for the first time in 10 months this week and sort it out.
  10. Backyard Toys. In just six years of kids around our house we’ve amassed enough outdoor toys to look like a daycare. Before we close the doors on this trailer load, a trampoline, swingset, and several ride-on toys need to make their way inside the trailer. The fifty pounds of sandbox sand, however, might not make the cut. We probably don’t need any ballast for this trip.

    Taking a break from the to do list… Thirty degrees with no wind is great swinging weather for a baby from a northern state.

  11. Tuesday-Babysit. An extended day of babysitting an additional two-year-old and four-year old the week of moving is something I happily take on because it’s my sister-in-law that needs a babysitter. She took our kids for two nights when our little guy had hernia surgery, and I am happy to return the favor.
  12. Wednesday-Inventory. We are leasing out our business property here in MT, and Wednesday is a busy day of tallying up inventory that will be sold along with the lease. Not exciting to read about, but a monumental day for us that ultimately frees us up to move to our new home.
  13. Thursday-Lunch. Every Thursday, nine of us Mosdals, spanning four generations, eat lunch together at the local Senior Citizens’ Dinner. For the last two years, we’ve enjoyed each others’ company and the great home-cooking of the ladies that prepare the weekly meals. This Thursday will be the last lunch that we eat with Jarred’s grandparents before moving.
  14. Scale Projects While I pack up the house, our moving date truly hinges upon Jarred completing the installation of two bulk weighing systems that will collectively handle weights of 620,000 lbs. I am happy to report that neither one of us needs a bathroom scale even close to that number.
  15. Goodbye to family and friends Somehow, before we load up and head east to Minnesota, I need to say goodbye and thanks for everything to our family and friends here in Montana. I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I need to find the happy medium between ducking out of town without saying goodbye to anyone to avoid sadness, and throwing a “Burning Down the Rental House Farewell Party.” Please wish us luck. We’re coming your way soon.                                                © 2012

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