The mishaps and adventures of my life, here in one convenient location for your enjoyment.  Yes, you may laugh at me.  I don’t mind.  Click Away.

Green Eggs and Hampered Plans

Chocolate Syrup Farming and Other Unnatural Disasters

Battle-Tested Mom’s Survival Guide to Shopping with Children

Burning Shrapnel and Fourth of July Strawberry Pie

Backseat Rice Patties and Rotting Celery: Fond Gardening Mishaps

The Honeymoon is Over When a Packrat Eats Your Floor (A True Story, Folks)

Uff Da!  Becoming Minnesotan, Again

Road Trippin’ Just Isn’t What it Used to Be

Operation Garden: Full Speed Ahead

A Mom’s Life Before 9 AM

That Sprinkler in Your Lawn Just Might be a Rattlesnake

Life on the Mississippi: Boating, Babies, Burns, and Beaches

When the TV Went on Vacation (The best craft projects happen when Mom’s not around.)

Lessons Learned from Gardening: Letting Kids Plant is (Mostly) Wonderful


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